Saturday, January 24, 2009

Opinion - The Future of LEGO Mindstorms

Here is what I think the next LEGO Mindstorms should improve on:
  1. Memory - The new brick needs to have a ton more memory so it can support large files as well as many files
  2. File types - It should support normal file types (.jpg, .mp3, .wav, etc.)
  3. Wireless ports - It should have wireless connectivity to its motors and sensors. It shuld also release small adapters for legacy sensors and motors
  4. Battery - It should come with a built in battery. This will decrease brick size and the price of batteries.
  5. Screen - The new screen should have color and be more like an iPod interface. It would have a more futuristic and less toy feel. It could also have video
  6. Programming options - It should have wo versions; one that comes with NXT-G like programming software, and one that has Java or C programing software
  7. Simple connection to NXT and RCX - It should easily and wirelessly be able to connect at least to the NXT.
  8. Comes with Bluetooth - It's simple, not everyone wants to spend $40 on a BlueTouth dongle.
  9. A LEGO RC - a LEGO brand Remote Conroller using BlueTooth would be great.
  10. A "Pick Your Kit" - There could be a thing where you actually pick out what peices and what software you want, and LEGO packages it up in a box and sends you your personal Mindstorms kit.

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  1. And then the price will go WAY up, dont expect miracles, clgfive!