Thursday, June 4, 2009

Opinion - NXT-G

A lot of people debate over programming preferences. Many more advanced programmers who use RobotC or Lejos often thing of NXT-G as stupid and childish, saying how you can learn no programming skills through the software. I disagree. For you to understand why, I will make a connection to learning a spoken language. There is a grammar and there is spelling. What NXT-G does is it teaches you the grammar, basically how to program, but not the spelling, the code used to program. Post a comment below with your thoughts on the topic.


  1. CLGfive, I totally agree. In NXT-G, you put together the bricks, only by typing, not dragging and dropping. It is basically the same, you are executing the same programs, just using different "spelling". The "grammar" is essentially the same in both programs.

  2. I think you can learn programming. You still have to plan things out, test them, make adjustments.

    I am not a big fan of Visual Programming, personally, but NXT-G is a good approach to it. You can even learn re-use with the bricks! People need to leave the ego-tripping at work (or better yet, drop it!)

  3. My problem with NXT-G is how hard it is to use, especially when drawing wires.

    And this comes from a professional programmer.

    Really, it's just me or the wire stuff is extremely hard to use !?

  4. I think you're absoultly right CLGfive, also i think that NXT-G is the words and those 1s and 0s are the letters.