Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Other People - Robodile and Holonomic Drive

Hey Guys!
After just getting back, I'm posting again. Here with a few things. One is an NXT Holonomic drive, which uses three "legs" to move around, check it out!

Also, I found a page where a team had two weeks to design and animal sort of robot, and they made a crocodile! It's sortof like CLGfive's robot, except it lifts its legs up, and moves them forward, using much gearing. Check out the website here, and a video down below.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Opinion - Stealing My Idea?

Has LEGO stolen my idea? Or is it just a freak coincidence? Watching the video from Bryce's last post, I noticed this alligator robot... and how it moved. If you look closely you will see little legs spinning around, propelling the robot forward. I don't know if anyone remembers Frogger (my little hopping robot that was finished but never really worked, so I sort of abandoned it), it worked on the same concept- rotating legs pushing in forward. So what do you think? Did LEGO steal my idea? Post a comment below with your thoughts.

Friday, July 3, 2009

News - Mindstorms 2.0

Hey Guys,
Its finally here. NXT 2.0 has finally went live on the Lego website, and is now avaiable for purchase! Check it out here, and check out the Toys R' Us Video demonstrating the new bots!
Here's some pics of the new box, and whats included. We're very excited, and our FLL team will be purchasing NXT 2.0 this build season, so coming soon!