Thursday, March 12, 2009

Opinion - Top 5 Tools Needed When Working With NXT

Hey Guys,
Today, I'm going to show you some of the top things that I often use when working with my NXT.

First, you always need a knife, a good sharp knife, for if you need to cut a piece to make it fit somewhere, make sure the knife is sharp, and that you KNOW how to use it.

Second, you need pliers. These are always great for pulling pieces out of something, and they are a lifesaver.

Third, you need a flash drive/jump drive. This is always the best tool for carrying around your programs, videos and pictures of your NXT.

Forth, have a Bluetooth dongle. You can get one for about 5 USD online, and they work great, way better than connecting the USB cable every time you need to update your program, it saves you a lot of time.

And last, you will want to have extra pieces. I know, its very easy to lose peices, and when you don't have enough, it ruins working with the NXT, because you have to downsize, and that's no fun! Always be sure to have your extra pieces on hand, they come in handy!


  1. Definitely not for the hard-core LEGO fanatics who don't believe in modding parts. :)

    But I agree with the USB, bluetooth and extra parts!

  2. You say that Bluetooth saves you a lot of time. The Bluetooth dongle I use cost something like $20, if I were to guess, and doesn't let me connect to the NXT at all on Wintdows Vista or XP. Could you send me information on where you got your bluetooth dongle? Also, what operating system do you use? (It might just be my computers.)