Friday, October 9, 2009

FLL - More News From Thursday's Meeting

As Bryce explained yesterday, we've decided on the team name, "Brix", and we are starting some T-Shirt design. We've also been making some major breakthroughs in both of our team sectors, Building and Programming as well as The Project Team. Being that I'm on the Building and Programming side, I can't too well explain whats going on with our Smart Moves project (stay tuned for a guest post next week), but I can say that we have made some big moves with the designing of our robot. For obvious reasons, we can't give you specifics, but the gist of our model is that it is built to make tough journeys across the board easier, and complete missions without the need of a third motor. Based on a team decision we may or may not post pictures, but I have a good feeling about our position so far. Stay tuned for more Brix news and some more team centered blog settings!

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