Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Other People - NXT to RCX Communications

Here is a video of some NXT to RCX and vice-versa communications. It really should be a lot easier than this (hint, post a comment if you know how to make it easier).


  1. How does this work?
    I noticed an RCX light sensor pointing at the NXT screen and some NXT sensor on the RCX. What are these doing to communicate?

  2. It appears that the RCX is "reading" light/dark settings that are printed to the NXT screen. I think the sensor coming from the NXT going to the RF on the RCX is a RF device.

    But that's just my theory.

  3. I didn't know here was enough difference on the NXT screen for the light sensor to sense. Interesting....

  4. Yeah, it seams to be that the RCX is reading the NXT LCD screen and the NXT is using the IR on the RCX. But I don't know, I didn't build it.

  5. The only NXT IR sensors I know of are from HiTechnic and MindSensors. Only HiTechnic has LEGO-style casing, and the front of those are black. On this, The front is gray, like a LEGO sensor, and it has something orange on the front.

    Maybe light, but theres no light source there. And sound can be unreliable, due to external sound sources. Strange....

  6. I found the site for the project:

    And translated to English:

    I noticed that it is the light sensor sensing the IR communication. Anyone know how they did that?